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Environmental Manufacturing Solutions, EMS, has been awarded the prestigious "Most Innovative
Award.   EMS and SynTech were recognized this week as a winner of the 2006 Most Innovative
Product Award for SynTech-powered cleaners and SynTech pH which safely lowers the pH of water collected on
industrial sites without the dangers of harsh acids. EMS’ patented SynTech®, the world’s only synthetic acid,
dissolves nearly 15% more concrete than Hydrochloric acid. Still, all that potency comes with a "Triple Zero
Hazardous Material Index Score", which makes the EMS product line safe on skin, safe on equipment and safe to
store anywhere you wish.  Click
here to read the full release.

The EMS synthetic acid, caustic and solvent replacements all have earned a "Triple Zero HMIS" Score and are non-
harmful to people, environment or metals.  Spent solutions can simply be discharged down the drain.  Move your
"mouse" over the pictures on the right to view  "before and after" photos of a hugely successful condenser system

Click on the photos to go directly to the EMS web site; plenty of info is available, including OEM approvals, MIL
specs and MSDS data.

As always,
ecologically driven, economically proven... EcoSure!

EcoSure; providing the "solutions for your solutions" .
Chiller Tube Before & After EMS Blow-Out Technology Treatment
NytroX Ozone... Nature's Chemistry Working For You!

After years of addressing client needs with "traditional" technologies, it was found that the larger chemical and
consulting organizations had little interest for introducing newer "Green Technologies".  Upon extensive research
and applications, it has been found that these newer technologies offer a unique advantage to solving client issues;  
EcoLogically driven...  EcoNomically proven...  EcoSure

As new regulations come to pass, these newer technologies are now providing "Returns On Investments" of less
than 6 - 12 months; that is a "Win / Win" across the board!

Combining the experience of environmentally-oriented technology
and professionals,
EcoSure, Inc., brings over three decades of environmental, water treatment and instrumentation

EcoSure's partnership with only the "Best Available Technologies", along with their many years of field expertise,
offers clients a unique blend of customized and proven solutions.

Providing the "solutions for your solutions" is the
EcoSure promise.
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Ozone; Nature's Chemistry Working For You:  NytroX Systems

Hydro-Optic Disinfection UV Technology: Atlantium, Ltd.

Non-Hazardous Acid, Caustic, Solvent Replacements:  EMS, LLC                      

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