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"Alternative" energies hold promise, yet often fail to deliver on reliability, cost
and availability. “Renewable” energies conserve our precious resources, yet
often require subsidies to be economical. But what do you call energy that is
available around the clock, not just when the wind blows? What do you call
energy that is available today, not next decade? Energy that is cost-effective
at today’s energy prices without need for subsidies or credits? Energy that
helps offset the production of harmful greenhouse gases? Energy that does
all this while utilizing waste materials instead of precious resources? That’s
energy that’s more than renewable. That’s Beyond Renewable®.

We have a single operating subsidiary, Microgy, which develops biogas
facilities which can cost-effectively and reliably produce clean, renewable gas
from agriculture and food industry wastes while simultaneously creating
significant quantities of marketable carbon offset credits. Microgy’s facilities
produce biogas which can be used for a variety of applications: combusted in
a generator to create power, used as is to offset fossil fuels, or cleaned to
natural gas standards for pipeline interconnection and sale as renewable
natural gas.

We have a long and successful history of developing clean energy facilities.
Since 1982 we have developed, owned and operated hydroelectric plants,
municipal waste projects, coal-fired generating facilities and clean gas
generation and energy recovery facilities. We are proud to have a
management team and board of directors comprised of leaders from both the
public and private sectors, including the energy, agriculture and finance

We invite you to learn more about us and how we are creating value for
customers and shareholders alike.


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Energy Beyond Renewable